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Registered Charity No. 1136614


We run a consultancy and advice service offering flexible, tailor-made consultancy to NGOs to set-up or improve their interventions with child domestic workers. Our consultancy and advice build the capacity of organisations to develop specific programmes, advocacy projects and services for child domestic workers that are based on the needs expressed by children themselves.


The benefits of working with Children Unite:

  • We have first hand, on-the-ground experience of project delivery and programme management in child domestic work as well as close ties to grass-roots NGOs in every continent who provide services for child domestic workers.

  • The co-ordinator of our consultancy team, Jonathan Blagbrough, is an international expert on child domestic labour, working regularly with the International Labour Organization and others to produce documents such as the ILO’s World Day Against Child Labour Report for 2013 which focused on child domestic labour.  

  • We have an open, flexible, collaborative and participatory style of working, which often results in long and fruitful partnerships and ‘spin off’ projects that bring different partners together.

  • Income from Children Unite’s consultancy work enables us to support our local Partner in Tanzania, a group of youth-led child domestic workers, to build their capacity and reach more children. Find out more here...


Our Experience

Children Unite’s consultancy team have undertaken the following contracts:

  • 2019: undertaking a scoping review on future options for girls and young women after leaving child domestic work for a university research unit.

  • 2019: undertaking a policy review and development of procedures on safeguarding and girl engagement for a feminst funding agency.

  • 2018-2019: lead international researchers for a multi-country research project (India, Nepal, Cambodia, Philippines) on the sexual exploitation and harmful sexual behaviour of boys.

  • 2017-2019: learning project advisor for a participatory research project with reintegrated children in Nepal, Uganda and Madagascar

  • 2016: developing an evaluation framework and toolkit on children's participation for an international NGO.

  • 2014: advising and delivering capacity building training with staff in an Ethiopian NGO working with child domestic workers.

  • 2014 co-writing a global resource for NGOs working with street-connected children on how to involve children in planning, monitoring and evaluation activities.

  • 2013: evaluating a small grants scheme for child domestic worker groups in six countries.

  • 2013: writing a global resource manual on child domestic labour and protecting young domestic workers for use by an international network of NGOs, trades unions and workers groups.

  • 2011-2012: delivering capacity building training on participatory advocacy with child domestic workers to local staff and children in six countries 

  • 2011-2013 evaluating and documenting the participatory practice of six NGOs undertaking advocacy activities with child domestic workers.

Children Unite helped our team to analyse the issues faced by child domestic workers in the different contexts we’re working in. Their expertise and detailed working knowledge of this issue, which embraces both policy and practice, enabled us to get things in perspective and test some of our assumptions. As a result we feel more confident to develop work with child domestic workers and will draw on the expertise of Children Unite again, to ensure that we are well-informed in our approach to the complex issues faced by child domestic workers.


Jill Healey, Chief Executive of ChildHope

"Children Unite supported Anti-Slavery International in gaining more understanding and practice of what meaningful child participation entails when working with child domestic workers.  Children Unite paid particular attention to tailoring their support to our specific needs using their very broad knowledge of child domestic work and children's participation. Their expertise was also very useful to our local partners whom they supported to assess, strengthen and build capacity in new areas of practice in children's participation. I can highly recommend Children Unite to any organisation willing to reflect on and improve their practice in a respectful, critical and constructive way."


Audrey Guichon, Domestic Work Programme

Co-ordinator at Anti-Slavery International

The Process

We start our discussions with NGO staff through a focus meeting where we and your team discuss the consultancy work you are interested in offering us.  In some instances this is a consultancy contract, in others it has made more sense to develop a partnership or collaboration between NGOs. During our focus meeting, we negotiate fees and timings for the work, we use a sliding scale of fees depending on the duration and situation of the NGO.  After the focus meeting we recommend that relevant NGO staff undertake a short online survey we have developed that helps us understand the local context of the work.




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