We work in partnership with NGOs who run programmes or interventions with child domestic workers.  Although we have contacts with organisations world-wide, we have chosen to work more closely with a small number of groups where we develop collaborative advocacy or research projects that work in a participatory way with child domestic workers.

WoteSawa, Tanzania


Children Unite is working in partnership with Wotesawa, a youth-led organisation of child domestic workers in Tanzania, to build their capacity to empower child domestic workers and mobilise the local community to take action.  After a visit by Children Unite Director, Helen Veitch, to Wotesawa in October 2014, we are developing joint projects with Wotesawa on participatory advocacy and empowerment of child domestic workers in Tanzania.


Click on the photo to find out about the inspiring work of Wotesawa.

CWISH, Nepal


Children Unite undertook two years research into the resilience of child domestic workers in Nepal facing sexual abuse, working in partnership with CWISH, a children's rights NGO based in Nepal.  Making use of participatory methods researchers from CWISH undertook life story interviews and focus group discussions with 117 child domestic workers. Five themes of resilience were developed from the study. Watch this 7 minute film 'Meena's Story' which was developed by children and is based on one of the themes from the research.


Click on the report to download a summary of the research.

La Casa de Panchita, Peru


As part of our SEND your gLOVE campaign, Children Unite worked in partnership with La Casa de Panchita, a domestic workers organisation based in Lima, Peru.  We brought Anali, a former child domestic worker from La Casa de Panchita, to the UK to help us launch the campaign.  In this photo Anali is meeting with Baronness Miller and MP Russell Brown at the Houses of Parliament.   The SEND your gLOVE campaign called on the UK and Peruvian Governments to ratify the ILO Domestic Workers Convention.  Our supporters sent postcards to Peru to support La Casa de Panchita's Facebook Campaign - where they asked key stakeholders to take photographs of themselves holding a postcard.  In the UK our campaign helped secure the first meeting between the UK Government, NGOs and Trade Unions to discuss UK ratification of the convention.