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  • Helen Veitch

Guest blogger: feminist safeguarding

Helen was a guest blogger on ‘Rejuvenate’ - a project that recognises the value that children and young people can bring when they are given the space and support to do so. Rejuvenate has developed a ‘living archive’, an evolving database of projects, resources, organisations and people that exhibit substantive participation with children and youth people.

The practice of safeguarding children and young people is crucial for civil society organisations working with them but currently it comes at a price. Too often, it impedes children’s ability to learn how to cope with risk, is disempowering and does not recognise children’s agency. Helen Veitch, co-founder and Director of Children Unite and Saadat Baigazieva, Senior Program Officer and Safeguarding Lead at FRIDA | The Young Feminist Fund, show that it is time to change and acknowledge that safeguarding can and should incorporate children’s agency and empowerment.


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