Children Unite produce a variety of reports, briefing papers and guidelines that focus on children in domestic work. The following publications have been written by the team at Children Unite via different routes; as part of a consultancy or collaboration, as a 'Children Unite' publication or, in some cases, when staff worked for other organisations.  In addition, we have included general publications on children in domestic work as recommended reading.  All publications can be downloaded by clicking on the cover.

Children Unite Publications

The Search for Child Domestic Workers: how to find and empower children  in domestic work.  (2015)


Written by Helen Veitch, this report outlines the key points from a round table discussion with 17 NGOs and funders who all work with children in domestic work.  The discussion explores the barriers in identifying child domestic workers and the approaches that have worked in accessing this difficult-to-reach group of children. 


Policy Briefing: Child Domestic Work and the 2013 World Day Against Child Labour


Written by Jonathan Blagbrough, this briefing outlines a policy shift by the International Labour Organisation regarding child domestic workers, in response to the ILO's World Day Against Child Labour Report for 2013 (see below)

Consultancy and Collaborative Publications

Tackling Child Domestic Labour and Protecting Young Domestic Workers. A Global Resource Manual  (2014)


Written by Jonathan Blagbrough to support NGOs and trades unions advocating on behalf of child domestic workers to help them provide direct assisstance to these children.

Children Unite & Global March Against Child Labour

A Passport to Participatory Planning (2014)


Co-written by Helen Veitch, Sarah Thomas de Benitez and Felix Holman. This resource pack brings street connected children's voices into NGO planning, monitoring and evaluation.


Children Unite, StreetInvest, the Consortium for Street Children and Aviva

Resilience in Child Domestic Workers, Nepal. Full Research Report (2014)


Written by Helen Veitch with support from Milan Dharel and Rakshya Ojah, this comprehensive report details research undertaken with 117 child domestic workers in Nepal over two years. Findings include case studies and five themes of resilience.

Children Unite and CWISH


Resilience in Child Domestic Workers, Nepal. Summary Report (2014)


Written by Helen Veitch with support from Milan Dharel and Rakshya Ojah, this summary report highlights the key findings from participatory research with 117 child domestic workers.


Children Unite and CWISH

Listen to us! Participation of child domestic workers in advocacy (2013) 


A report, written by Helen Veitch, outlining an assessment of participatory advocacy work by Children Unite, of Anti-Slavery International's local partners in Peru, Costa Rica, Togo, Tanzania, India and the Philippines.

Children Unite and Anti-Slavery International

Action and Reflection Resource Pack on Child Domestic Work (2012)


Written by Helen Veitch with support from Methodist Women in Britain, this resource pack gives ideas for taking action as part of Children Unite's SEND your gLOVE campaign


Children Unite & Methodist Women in Britain

Stand With Us (2010) 


Recommendations from over 250 child domestic workers in Peru, Costa Rica, Togo, Tanzania, India and the Philippines, submitted to the ILO drafting committee for the Domestic Workers Convention (189).  In English, French and Spanish

Children Unite and Anti-Slavery International

Children Unite Annual Reports


Children Unite was founded in 2010 by Jonathan Blagbrough and Helen Veitch. Our Annual Reports give a financial and narrative account of our activities from 2011.

Recommended Reading

Ending Child Labour in Domestic Work and protecting young workers from abusive working conditions (2013)


Written by Jonathan Blabbrough as an Independent Consultant for the ILO.

ILO Global Estimates on Child Labour (2014)



Handbooks Series on Child Domestic Workers 


Written by Jonathan Blagbrough and Maggie Black, this series of handbooks explores programme interventions for child domestic workers.


Anti-Slavery International